The best way to experience website localization is to see it for yourself.

What is MoxVeda?

MoxVeda is a revolutionary new way of translating websites. It is a platform that allows you to translate your website instantly, without making any changes to your website code, databases or platform. MoxVeda also takes away the pains of manual website translation process like extracting English text, replacing it with translations, checking for HTML code accuracy, CSS uniformity, or constant manual effort of ensuring that the English and translated website are in sync.

It is built on the most advanced and sophisticated technology, that automatically detects English text, translates it to a language of your choice, and continuously monitors your website to keep translations up to date with your English website. At the same time, it is so simple to use, that anyone can use it to translate their website in just four simple steps.

Why Localize?

Over 350 Million people in India access the internet in a language other than English.

Indian language internet users will grow to become 75% of the total user base by 2021

55% of global consumers prefer online shopping in their mother language

Connecting with users in their language builds trust, emotional connect, brand recall and loyalty

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Why choose MoxVeda ?

  • No Change needed to website design, code, or backend database
  • No Disruption caused to your English website and business operations
  • Universal Compatibility with all website and app development platforms
  • No Maintenance process or manpower needed for your language sites
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How can I get started?

  • Sign up for a 30 day Free Trial
  • Set up your website in the language of your choice
  • Review your translated website
  • Link your multilingual website to your English site and go-live!
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No, MoxVeda crawls your website and extracts all text that needs to be translated. You only need to select the list of pages to be translated.

Data security is a serious matter and MoxVeda does not take it lightly. We have deployed a 64 bit SSL security on all our servers ensuring the highest security for your content while it’s traveling through our servers. MoxVeda does not store any data in its servers at any point in the localization process. Only the English content displayed on your website, and its translation in element/broken form (words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs etc) is stored and is used for translating and recreating the translated web page in real time. No numeric information is captured or stored in MoxVeda. Data or content entered by your users on your website is not captured, processed or stored by MoxVeda and is directly passed through to your web server.

As a first step, please ensure that the URL provided by you is in the correct format. You will find a clue within the URL prompt.

If you’re still unable to see a preview, it could be due to the following reasons:
1.) Your website is hosted in some other country and the laws do not allow redirection.
2.) Your website has specific security setup to prevent crawling
3.) Your website is designed using tools that are not supported on MoxVeda currently Please do write to us and we will guide you to the best of our abilities.

You will have to buy 5 individual packages and register each domain separately. This allows you the flexibility to customize and manage each site individually.

MoxVeda does not create another copy of your website. It simply translates your website in real time, and displays it to a user. MoxVeda translates the individual text items on all the pages in advance and stores them in its translation memory for creating the translated page when a user accesses it. To know more about how MoxVeda works, click here.