Is Digital India building Bharat or destroying it, inadvertently?

Internet and mobile adoption is transforming the country in a big way. Sundar (name changed) an office boy lives 12 km from his office, takes a local bus to and from office every day. The 35-40 minute journey is his time for entertainment.

IT reform needed to avoid early death of many MSME companies in software and services sector

CASE: While the Govt wants to increase credit availability for MSME companies. The same Govt is currently taking away 10% of all revenues of software and services MSME companies right at the source, in the form of TDS, even if the company does not make a profit. The IT refunds are being excessively delayed. The Lower TDS deduction process MSME unfriendly.

Time for a customized strategy to address Tier 3,4,5 geographies to capture 80-100 million new users in India

Demonetization of high value currency notes in India will provide a big boost for Digital India. Reduction in cash transactions will help multiply digital and plastic transactions such as cheques, credit card and mobile wallets.

Make for India

Today, internet in India, unfortunately, isn’t designed for India. Most importantly, it doesn’t speak a language that India understands. It is for most part in English – hence reaching a meagre 12-15% of the country.