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The best way to experience website localization is to see it for yourself.


Yes, you can add more languages to your existing package. However, this will not alter your limit for URLs or monthly web requests. For more details on pricing, please see our plan details.


Yes! the choice is yours. After buying the pack you are required to select the languages as per the pack you have purchased. For a list of available languages, please see our Languages page.


As a first step, please ensure that the URL provided by you is in the correct format. You will find a clue within the URL prompt.
If you’re still unable to see a preview, it could be due to the following reasons:
1.) Your website is hosted in some other country and the laws do not allow redirection.
2.) Your website has specific security setup to prevent crawling
3.) Your website is designed using tools that are not supported on VEDA currently
Please do write to us and we will guide you to the best of our abilities


You will have to buy 5 individual packages and register each domain separately. This allows you the flexibility to keep each site with a package that best meets your business needs.


No, Mox Veda crawls your website and extracts all text that needs to be translated. You only need to select the list of pages to be translated (called Scope of Work or SOW).


Mox Veda reads the latest page from your English website each time your user demands it. If some content on the page has been updated, such changes are captured by Mox Veda. If the software is able to provide accurate translation immediately, the translated page is immediately displayed, else the updated content is shown in English, while the old content continues to be translated. The revised part of the content is then sent to translators to provide accurate translation. Once the updated translation is available, the fully translated page will be displayed next time a user views the page. The translation process can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days, depending on the volume of content.


Any content changes are updated by VEDA and our translators at the earliest possible. However, time taken usually depends on the amount of new content. We usually ensure that revised content is translated within 48 working hours.



You have the option of changing the language before scope finalization. We do not allow swapping of language after scope finalisation since that auto-triggers translation process in the specified languages.


You may be an Enterprise customer or your need may be something we have not worked on yet. Please do write to us or call us and we will get back to you within 24hrs.


We have ensured such high simplicity that you may not need more than 30mins of effort on the portal to publish your multilingual website. Also, you may add collaborators as per your plan by following steps:
1.Login to your account
2.Click on Add User button
  3.Provide the collaborator info
  4.Click Add User


Please read the details in our terms of use.


You first need to check the limits of your subscription plan to see if you can add more pages to your scope. If your subscription plan allows for more pages to be added, please add them to your SOW (Scope of Work) through Step 2 of the process flow. You will find out the word count and expected completion date in the Review page in Step 3 of the process flow.
In case you have reached the limit of your subscription plan and need an upgrade, please contact vedasales@process9.com.


We permit an increase of upto 10% once in a quarter, for web requests. However, if your traffic is exceeding your plan limits more frequently, you shall be notified and advised to upgrade your plan. Please contact vedasales@process9.com for more information.



Data security is a serious matter and Mox Veda does not take it lightly. We have deployed a 64 bit SSL security on all our servers ensuring the highest security for your content while it’s traveling through our servers.

Mox Veda does not store any data in its servers at any point in the localization process. Only the English content displayed on your website, and its translation in element/broken form (words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs etc) is stored and is used for translating and recreating the translated web page in real time. No numeric information is captured or stored in Mox Veda. Data or content entered by your users on your website is not captured, processed or stored by Mox Veda and is directly passed through to your web server.


Mox Veda does not create another copy of your website. It simply translates the webpages in real time, and displays it to a user. Mox Veda translates the individual text items on all pages in advance and stores them in its translation memory for creating the translated page when a user accesses it.