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    Go Global, Without Leaving Your Desk
    Enter new geographies and grow your business exponentially
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    No Pain, No Pain
    High quality localization without changing your source code or speaking to a single translator
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    The Power of Languages, Now at Your Fingertips
    Now launch and optimize your website in over 40+ languages in 4 simple steps with VEDA
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    Trust and Transparency through Technology
    Market leaders across verticals trust us with their localization strategy and implementation

The best way to experience website localization is to see it for yourself.

Why Localize?

  • Over 300 Million people in India access the internet in a language other than English.

  • Indian language internet users will grow to become 75% of the total user base by 2021

  • 55% of global consumers prefer online shopping in their mother language

  • Connecting with users in their language builds trust, emotional connect, brand recall and loyalty

Why Choose VEDA ? VEDA has been built on the most comprehensive website localization technology platform & provides.

  • Business quality translations
  • Synchronized experience across languages without manual intervention
  • Universal compatibility with all CMS platforms, tech stacks and architectures
  • A One Stop Solution ( translation, web hosting & maintenance)
  • Data security
  • Scalability to grow with your business

What do you need to do ? All you need to do is to spend 30 minutes to take your website multilingual.

  • Test your site by taking a Free Preview
  • Purchase the package that best meets your need
  • Define the scope
  • Review your translated website
  • Host your multilingual website and go-live!

We have earned the trust of 100+customers, and we have translated over1Billion words




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  4 step implementation

  Universal compatibility

  Data security

  No code change

  No maintenance

  Indian & global languages