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The best way to experience website localization is to see it for yourself.

Business quality translations

VEDA delivers business quality translation in all Indian languages. This is backed by our considerable understanding of Indian language internet users across a wide spectrum of enterprise customers. A lot goes behind making localization simple and pain-free for you without taking more than 30 mins of your time to make your business accessible from any corner of India or the rest of the world in any language.

Synchronized across languages

The intelligent VEDA platform continuously monitors your website and translates any new content that you add to your website without any intervention or intimation from your side. Your website content remains synchronized in all languages at all times.

Maintenance free

Websites localized using VEDA require no maintenance effort from you. The AI enabled Veda platform makes all necessary changes and the Veda Support Team takes care of all preventive and maintenance needs of your multilingual website. You only need to maintain your original English website.

Universal compatibility

VEDA language localization platform is compatible with all CMS platforms, tech stacks and architectures that you may have used for creating your English website. Veda gives you language pages, no matter what.

Fully hosted solution

VEDA comes to you as a complete package, which includes the hosting of your localized website. You do not need to add another server or add server capacity on your existing web server. Veda hosting includes unlimited bandwidth as per your subscription plan.

No change in your website

VEDA localization process requires no change to your website and does not disrupt your website functioning ever in any manner. You only need to add a language selection option on your website.


While VEDA makes your life free of all language related worries, the control of all content always remains with you. You choose the content you see on your pages in every language.